Background to Toxic Turf : Why we should be worried about plastic pollution: Links to recent press and academic reports

Plastic pollution: a global ticking clock

Chemicals and plastic overrun planet

Chemicals in rain water exceed safe limits

Californian Attourney General launching suit against Exxon for deceit in plastic pollution crisis

Plastic in human blood

Plastics are killing us big time and nothing is happening meaningfully to stop it, it’s official

Plastics and endocrine system

Plastics explained website very good

APPG on microplastics

Plastics found in animals and animal products

More plastic than ever and no recycling really happening July 2022 BBC

Plastics to outpace coal in greenhouse gas emissions

Incineration of plastics:

Why burning plastic won’t solve the plastic crisis | Greenpeace UK

Carbon and toxic emissions from burning plastics


Incineration report

Incineration by Gaia

Eunomia - incineration air quality and carbon emissions

Incineration residues

The growing popularity - and unpopularity -  of plastic grass:

Plastic grass at Eden project

Dangers of plastic grass:

Grass blades plastic chemicals

Plastic grass dangers

Plastic grass and climate change

Plastic grass facts

Head of the Environment Agency warns of Silent Spring for UK ecosystems

Greenwashing by artificial turf industry:

Real lawn v artificial grass water content

Fake grass observer ros coward