Innocent Smoothies

Their green adverts just didn't wash.

When we saw Innocent Drinks’ “Little Drinks Big Dreams “ TV advert, we took a letter to them to ask them to take the ad off the telly. Here it is being delivered:

Innocent Drinks produce 32,000 plastic bottles per hour at The Blender in Rotterdam. We say: That’s too much plastic! We know that the plastic tap needs turning off so we went to Innocent to shine a light on this:

We hear from a film maker who feels duped by the sustainability claims made during a film he shot for Innocent:

Advertising companies enable greenwashing for companies like Innocent - so we remade the “Little Drinks Big Dreams” advert - but this time a truthful version!

Following the lack of engagement from Innocent we borrowed some fruit costumes and paid them a visit again. This time we left in a police van:

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